On My Free Time

I enjoy reading, photography, and traveling. I am also passionate about the future of online education, renewable energy, and the application of AI to every possible industry. Outside of that, I am also a huge sports fan, and love playing  all kinds of sports whenever I get a chance. As for more official things,  here is some other stuff that keeps me busy:


I spend a lot of my time teaching students as a TA for the CS189: Introduction to Machine Learning course here at Berkeley. Teaching students has not only helped me improve my own understanding of the material, but has also helped me relate well with my peers. In a broader sense, I find the increasing class sizes for the course promising for the future of machine learning. I'm always looking for better ways to teach and make machine learning more accessible to the average computer science student.Below are some snapshots from last spring's offering of the course.

Work Experience

The past few summers, I've had the opportunity to be a part of internship programs at two great companies: Informatica Corp. and Microsoft. Here are some highlights from my time at both companies.

Microsoft: Windows Quality Insights Team

At Microsoft, I got a chance to work on the Windows 10 platform and was even part of it's launch. During my time here I worked on machine learning systems to predict failures and execution times for builds within the Windows testing framework. In addition, I was able to deploy these predictive systems in Azure, allowing them to scale and automatically incorporate new data for the algorithms. I was able to see up-close how machine learning systems are setup and deployed in industry and got a taste of the possibilites AI holds for the future of tech products.

Informatica: Data Engine Team

At informatica, I got my first introduction to the multitude of big data platforms on the market. I was able to gain exposure to all kinds of Hive and Hadoop technologies, building upon Apache frameworks like Kafka and Storm. My role here focused on optimizing queries for the data transformation tool within the ETL platform, PowerCenter. My time at Informatica really propelled my interest in big data and large-scale machine learning